We generate LEADS for your business including LEADS from the French Quebec market


Vermont State Chamber and  Le Projet 251 have teamed up to to provide you the right solutions.  Act now and let us bring you more visitors, more inquiries, more prospects, more clients and more business.

Inbound Lead generations

Marketing using inbound lead generation is an approach that many companies embrace to create business growth.
Inbound lead generation certainly justifies investment but it’s vital to think of the approach in context. Careful analysis of the data will tell you that both inbound and outbound lead generation are necessary to increase contribution to the bottom line. Le Projet 251 uses an “IN-OUT BOUND” lead-generation approach that embraces inbound, nurturing and outbound to increase effectiveness.

We generate leads through the inbound marketing process using Google, Social media, Vertical directories, Blogs and E-mail marketing. Our online marketing strategy know-how will add to your current efforts targeting local, regional, national or international markets.

Sing-up today to explore the benefits of reaching new clients including businesses and consumers in the French Quebec market.

Outbound Lead Generations

Once we have created leads through inbound marketing process, we will nurtured those leads and turn them into real prospects using “Outbound Technique”.

Our lead generation outbound program is designed to help you reach your target one at a time.  This approach is at the other end of the online marketing spectrum.  Rather than work from the top down, we tackle the task from the bottom up.

This means that we focus on your target market and reach out to members of that market on a one by one basis.  We select or build targeted lists and get to work creating appointments for your sales team.

Sing-up today to explore the benefits of reaching new prospects including businesses in the French Quebec market.

How We Work

Using our extensive business network and long-standing knowledge of Lead Generation, we help you develop new business transactions.

We make certain that your message is not only dispatched to your potential clients but is also well received. This means that “YOUR PROSPECTS” are more open to receiving your communication and ultimately more apt to visit, purchase, or otherwise transact with you.

We do this by ensuring that the right message delivery, the correct market analysis, the proper  market penetration are all properly aligned with your marketing objective.

The list of Clients

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